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Iron Culture

Dec 5, 2022

We can’t believe it. 200 episodes. What else is there to say except thank you from the bottom of our hearts? It’s always a blast for us to hang out and chat, but it’s a huge bonus that so many people find value in our conversations. At the outset, we hoped we’d be able to provide both educational and entertainment value to our listeners, and it seems like we’ve succeeded. This episode is a bit of a celebration, as we reflect on what brought us here, and what it’s going to lead to. We have big plans dear listener, and I think you’re going to like them. Also, we squeeze in a little bit of genuine Q&A from the cult (we promise we didn’t make these questions up, seriously).


00:00 Intro: history of THE Iron Culture

3:12 🚨🔥Episode 200 🔥🚨 and a HUGE news reveal

16:25 The Helms review of the 2022 IPF Commonwealth Championships

31:30 The importance of the Sheffield Powerlifting Championships

44:15 What is Eric competing in next year? And starting some quickfire Q&As

49:02 How did Eric arrive at a minimum intake of 0.5g/kg/day for Fat?

52:29 What lift would you add to Powerlifting if you could?

Iron Culture Ep. 91- Powerlifter vs Weightlifter vs Strongman...Who's The Strongest!?

1:01:55 The effect of creatine on cognition and brain function

Iron Culture Ep. 142- Myths and Facts About Creatine (New Research ft. Dr. Darren Candow)

1:05:27 What questions should you ask your strength sport athletes?

Iron Culture Ep. 195- Overreaching, Deloads & Tapers: Nutrition Considerations

1:17:11 Moving forward in 2023