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Iron Culture

Dec 21, 2020

Danny Lennon still isn’t returning our phone calls, but that’s ok because his Sigma Nutrition Radio Co-host Alan Flanagan is! Alan is not only a Ph.D. candidate at Surrey University studying nutrition but was also a former practicing lawyer (and of course most importantly a powerlifter). This means he has not only a solid understanding of nutrition science but also logic and how to construct an argument. This combination makes him not only a potent communicator of nutrition science but also science at a meta-level. He joins us this episode to discuss how heuristics can become falsehoods, how evidence-based “rules” can masquerade as dogma, and why an RCT doesn’t always trump epidemiology. This one is for the nerd’s nerd, so strap in to expand your critical thinking skills (and if not just continue to put your blind faith in Iron CULTure).