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Iron Culture

Nov 16, 2020

The stories often used in the fitness and nutrition space, but which certainly aren’t restricted to it, can suck us in, bleed our wallets, and turn us into zealots. “I used to think X but I was wrong! Look at this obscure mechanism (which I probably don’t understand and you definitely don’t understand), and look at this anecdote! This is why I now think Y! Everything we thought we knew was wrong and THEY don’t want you to know! You’re unknowingly missing out on gains/unhealthy, so we need to eat/train like Z now!” We are joined by Ben House, who has his PhD in nutrition and has been an educator in the lifting world for years helping people to think critically, learn nuance and get better. Today he joins us to pull back the curtain on the stories that pull us in with an emotional response, prey on them, and subvert our critical thinking. Moreso, he also asks the challenging question, is this always bad? Is this natural and how can elements of these approaches be used positively?