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Iron Culture

Sep 14, 2020

Before there was powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and strongman, there was the iron game, and it all overlapped. Before that, there was the physical culture movement. During this era, you couldn’t find a strongman or woman who didn’t do hand balancing, calisthenics, or tumbling as a part of their training. Gymnastics has a long history, but today it is its own sport and embedded in some national sport systems to build a foundation for young athletes‘ careers. Further, it’s a major component of CrossFit. Finally, you ever see the delts on a gymnast?? In today’s episode, we explore these relationships, roles, the history of Gymnastics, and the new evolution of sports science within it. To do so we’re joined by Eric’s 3DMJ teammate Andrea Valdez, a former gymnastics coach and young gymnast who has returned to the sport as an adult, and Dr. Dave Tilley who is leading the modern, evidence-based charge in the sport.