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Iron Culture

Feb 13, 2023

We are joined by Ryan Lapadat on this episode, host of the King of the Lifts podcast, and arguably the best and most prolific powerlifting commentator, despite his relatively recent emergence onto the scene. How did Ryan find himself in the position he’s in today, and how has he contributed to the increased interest and popularity in powerlifting that’s occurred in the last decade? Ryan will be commentating at the Sheffield next month, and there is a bright future for the legitimization of powerlifting if things continue in the direction they’re headed. Join us in this episode as we learn the some aspects of how powerlifting got to be perceived as it is today, the value of narrative in making fans care, and what the future holds for the sport.

00:00 Reviewing reviews with Ryan – Cultural beliefs surrounding women in lifting

Iron Culture Ep. 177- Jessica Buettner: 2x IPF World Champion Powerlifter

Iron Culture Ep. 103- The History Of Women's Bodybuilding    

Iron Culture Ep. 7- The Rise Of Women In Powerlifting

13:16 Balancing entertainment and knowledge in Ryan’s commentary

27:00 Leaning into storylines to bring excitement

43:41 Growth of powerlifting and IPF

50:41 IPF Sheffield 2023 hype up

58:33 Getting “out angled” by Jess Buettner and the revenge

1:06:05 The Masculinity in Crisis Tour and the angle game

1:19:26 The future and growth of powerlifting 

1:44:50 An update on Eric’s previous Street Fighter tournament

SuperLoreBoys YouTube Channel 

1:50:06 Closing out and where to find Ryan

Instagram: @6packlapadat and                   @kingofthelifts

King of the lifts podcast: