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Iron Culture

Nov 2, 2020

We’ve all been in 5th grade...many of us wish it never ended. In this episode we take you back to that magical time by transposing our most important questions from that era like: “who would in a fight, Superman or Godzilla?” or “Could a silverback defeat a grizzly bear?” and the important follow up “what if they had swords?”, onto strength sports. Today we ask, who are the strongest: Powerlifters, Weightlifters, or Strongmen/women? We discuss what ways we could legitimately test strength across disciplines to answer this question and each guests “picks a character” as a champion of their sport in this thought experiment. To tackle these important questions the guests are thankful to be joined by returning guests and strength aficionados, Alan Thrall, Jonnie Candito and Max Aita. Strap up your Velcro’s, hop on the school bus, grab your bag lunch from mom and get ready to argue during recess in this episode of iron culture!