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Iron Culture

Aug 3, 2020

Things happen fast on the interwebs these days kids. You might have only recently learned what intuitive eating actually means. In the course of that, you might have come across the terms “diet culture” and “anti-diet culture”. If you didn’t know what the former was, then you certainly weren’t aware of the definition or possibly even the existence of the latter. In this episode returning guest, Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro helps us understand the roots, definitions, misunderstandings of, and the arguments between these “camps”. As is often the case when people don’t see eye to eye, there is typically something lost in translation. In this episode, we wade into that gap with Dr. Fundaro, who’s been working to bridge it.

Brene Brown's Ted Talk on Shame

Brene Brown's book on women and shame, I Thought It Was Just Me  
Helen Veit's book Modern Food, Moral Food
Christy Harrison's book Anti-Diet
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