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Iron Culture

Jun 1, 2020

Weightlifting is the filet Mignon to the ground chuck of powerlifting and bodybuilding, the First Class to our coach seats on the Iron Game Express. Most people can lift weights, but weightlifting requires power, range of motion, and coordination that squatting or curling in the squat rack simply can’t compare to. In this episode of Iron Culture, we’re joined by Amy and Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics, former champions in American Weightlifting, and now some of the most prominent coaches and content creators in the sport. Also, Max Aita returns, also a prominent coach working with Juggernaut Training Systems, who competed at a high level in both weightlifting and powerlifting. In this episode of Iron Culture, we explore the unique aspects, history, athletic demands, experience, and training philosophies of weightlifting, and compare and contrast them with the rest of the iron game.