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Iron Culture

May 11, 2020

Around these parts, cardio has a bad reputation. Sure, in the greater fitness community, cardio (a fancy way of saying running, usually on a treadmill) has long been one of the cornerstones of any fitness regime. Want to lose weight? Do "cardio"! Have stubborn fat to lose? Do (slow) or (really fast) "cardio"! Whatever body composition problems you faced, cardio was seen as an essential tool. This has largely fallen by the wayside over the last decade, with its importance now seen as being grossly overstated for body composition. Some go so far as to call it useless and utter waste of time. Is this truly the case? In this episode, two men with grossly irrational fears of aerobic activity struggle to unravel the mystery behind the ever-elusive cardio question. Just kidding, they completely nail it.