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Iron Culture

Jul 20, 2022

The lifting community is more siloed than it used to be, and it is larger, so it’s understandable why today we have a broad and varied cultural landscape. It’s also more complex now in the modern age, and you can find parallel communities in the same lifting discipline with very little crossover. Further, in each community, the changing of the guards seems to be happening at an increasingly accelerated rate. The lifters, coaches, voices, and perspectives of today in any given subculture, don’t seem to be the ones of yesterday. More so, the time between “today” and “yesterday” feels like it’s getting shorter. Why is that? What role does social media play? Should we be concerned? Most importantly, what is the things that don’t change? How do we use this information to avoid a “dark age”? Join us today on this episode of Iron Culture as we discuss the wild world of lifting, from an almost anthropological perspective, ultimately coming away with a deeper understanding of what unifies and what also persists beyond any single person.