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Iron Culture

May 2, 2022

We’re back with another Q&A episode, with just one trendy commercial break. That’s right, we had to shill the 5-year MASS anniversary sale going on until May 3rd because let’s face it, no corporation except one we’re a partial owner of would sponsor us. But we do cover a range of questions in this episode, the first being how to address lagging body parts and setup muscle group specialization cycles…oh and 3DMJ has a new course for this…OK, so just one commercial break AND one integrated ad, BUT THAT’S IT (we gotta eat folks)! In addition, we also discuss other important topics, like body recomp, minimalist training, and the verifiable fact that Iron Culture Podcast started before the Stronger By Science Podcast (not that you’ve heard of it).

[MASS Research Review]

[3DMJ Lagging Body Parts]