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Iron Culture

Apr 18, 2022

Mike Tuchscherer has been on Iron Culture multiple times to speak as a thinker and coach, but this time we brought him on as an athlete. For those who don’t know, Mike has been competing since 2003 and has competed at the highest level. He is a two-time single-ply junior national champion, a single-ply collegiate national champion, a two-time single-ply open national champion, a four-time open raw national champion, a single-ply junior world champion, and to top it off, he’s a world games gold medalist, the highest honors a powerlifter can win. Over nearly 20 years of competing, his mentality has understandably and necessarily changed over the years. Most recently, he came back after a 6-year injury induced hiatus to beat his last competition total by nearly 80kg, with room to grow. Join us to learn how this story unfolded and what you can learn from it.