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Iron Culture

Nov 22, 2021

Returning guests Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro and Dr. Ben House discuss how the divide in the nutrition community spurred by the “diet” and “anti-diet” debates can potentially lead to inaction and subsequent unaddressed problems. When there is a passionate debate across a moral divide, data often goes by the wayside. This occurs when obesity-focused practitioners and researchers don’t acknowledge pathways to improved health other than weight loss, or the potential harm from weight loss attempts which are often unsuccessful. Further, it can occur when weight-neutral-focused practitioners and researchers don’t acknowledge that in some cases, weight loss is the outcome with the largest potential to positively impact health, or that multidisciplinary evidence-based approaches result in successful weight loss maintenance much more often than other approaches. In the middle is the trainer or nutrition practitioner who is aware of all the problems, but unsure of what tools will solve them, and is also worried that some of the tools have the potential for doing harm. In this conversation, we hope to equip you with the understanding of what tools are best in which situations, so you can become a part of the solution.

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