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Iron Culture

Jul 5, 2021

Does being a competitor require a competitive mindset? In some sports, yes. But in powerlifting, you arguably could just focus on yourself, progressing, and show up on game day ignorant to your competition, put up the best total you can, and see where you place. Indeed, some world-class competitors do just that. With that said, athletes are human. Some thrive off a competitive mindset and feel it drives them to athletic heights they couldn’t achieve on their own. Others, however, feel like this provides pressure, self-judgment, and saps the joy from powerlifting without adding any benefit. Ultimately there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Each person has to figure out what is most facilitative to improved performance for them individually. On this episode we’re joined by Bryce Lewis and Ashton Rouska, the top two 105kg IPF lifters in the world currently who’ve battled it out at USAPL nationals twice now, with Bryce coming away as the 2019 National champ and Ashton the 2021 National champ. They have a candid conversation where you’ll learn how they each approach competition, what they’ve learned, and how it can apply to you.