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Iron Culture

Jan 25, 2021

The women’s bodybuilding division has arguably changed more than any other division in physique sport. It’s gone through periods of existence, non-existence, change, challenge, popularity, obscurity, and reemergence. While many focus on the physical differences of say, Cory Everson, and Iris Kyle, many don’t realize the changing pressures uniquely placed on female bodybuilders in the IFBB. In this episode, Dr. Conor Heffernan returns to recount the history of this division and juxtapose it to the male bodybuilding division. Further, we are rejoined by powerlifting champions Jessica Buettner and Natalie Hanson to juxtapose this historical perspective with their experience in powerlifting in the modern era, as women. As we say here at Iron Culture, the goal is to unite all lifters and to do that well we must put ourselves in the shoes of those we share the love of the iron with. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to do so in this episode!